Medical Freedom Party Candidate

Marguerite Chandler

As a Brooklyn Artist living in East Williamsburg for 15 years; I, a potter by trade, have been involved in the movement for affordable Loft Space for artists. While selling my work in Bushwick/Williamsburg I established a co-housing community where members could share resources to facilitate political activity and creative endeavors.

As a long time anti-war activist I became involved with the "Deep Ecology" movement and with Bioregionalism groups - which involved healing the relationship of the human to the natural world and to each other; with an interest in developing a park along Newtown Creek.

Through my experience interacting with the political landscape in Brooklyn, I've seen that politicians pretend to do what the people want them to do, yet somehow seem only to enrich themselves through their positions of power. Their promises, it seems, mean nothing. The question needs to be asked. "For whom, if not for the people, do bureaucrats and politicians work?" "Why did our city officials fail to protect their constituents, us, from the lock-downs, from the riots and looting which destroyed businesses?" Are we moving toward a point of no return?

Why is the government in the business of controlling information?

I, Marguerite Chandler, am a living woman; my heart pumps, my lungs breath;
As an activist and independent candidate for City Council in District 34, Brooklyn, my hope is that you will have an open mind and think about these questions:


Isn't our Heritage, our precious American Tradition of individual human rights, including the "Bill of Rights," too precious to leave in the care of those who fail to protect it?